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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Saturday’s skirmish at Norwich was well supported with 10 brand new airsofters attending and Sunday’s Milsimmers spent all day exploring new territory.

Sadly, after actually trying to play on the site for the first time after the thinning it was soon obvious that a huge amount of work is needed just to be able to move around the site safely.  We have had to make a tough decision as to whether we are actually able to do this and have come to the conclusion that with the site being a two hour journey away from our base, it would be impractical to put in the amount of work needed without neglecting our other sites.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us at Norwich, we hope that we will continue to see you at our Tuddenham site in the future.

This weekend we have a Filmsim/Milsim Lite event at Tuddenham – “El Chapo  – Breakout Part 1”.  See below for scenario.  We will be on site from Friday Evening, as usual camping is free and we will have a fully stocked shop set up, with another £1000 worth of stock here for the weekend.

The following weekend we will be at Eversley for “El Chapo – Breakout Part 2”, scenario below.  We will be on site as usual from Friday evening with free camping, a full shop and catering on site.

Don’t forget that we are back at our Hertfordshire site from March, running regular monthly open events on the first weekend of each month.

We have a new website almost ready to go live, and we’re asking for help with pictures for it.  If you have any recent pictures from any of our sites, send them to and we’ll try and include them on the site – we’re particularly looking for general, wide angle pictures to give people an idea of what the sites look like and what we do rather than close ups of individual players.


Josh Smith

Tuddenham Filmsim/Milsim Lite “El Chapo – Breakout Part 1”

Location: Border of Texas and Mexico, just outside El Paso

Scenario:  The Drug Kingpin “El Chapo” is being held along with several of his gang members in Juarez Prison, just outside of El Paso.  His remaining gang members plan to execute a daring raid on the prison to bust him out.

Team ID:  Ideally teams will be identified by their clothing, armbands will be used if necessary.

Eversley Filmsim/Milsim Lite “El Chapo – Breakout Part 2”

Location: Border of Texas and Mexico just outside El Paso.

Scenario:  The Drug Kingpin, ‘El Chapo’ has escaped along with a large number of his gang from the Juarez Prison, just outside of El Paso. This organized break out has left a number of prison guards and Federales dead. They have made rendezvous with a number of his gang member and are hold up in an old deserted mining concern on the border with Texas.

The Texas Rangers have also heard of the break out and want ‘El Chapo’ for a number of crimes in Texas. This is only going to lead to blood shed.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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