Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 2 2016

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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

We had an awesome weekend at Tuddenham with some absolutely excellent airsofting from everyone who came.  Thanks very much to everybody who made it so great.

This weekend we are back at Eversley for some more Filmsim/Milsim Lite style airsoft and socialising.  Don’t forget, we are on site from Friday evening and camping is free if you’re tough enough for it.

We are also looking to do some clearance work at Norwich to prepare for next month.  We will be heading down to the site on Friday to conduct an initial survey on the current condition of things down there and to plan out what needs doing.  We will need your help on the Saturday and Sunday with general clearance work and rebuilding any features which have been disturbed by the felling work.  Get in touch with Doug on 07711 774461 or if you can help.


Josh Smith


Don’t forget that for the whole of January, we are trying to encourage new players to try airsoft for the first time.

If you know anyone who might enjoy airsoft and wants to give it a try, bring them along this month and they will get a free rental package for their first day with us worth £25.

All they pay is the walk on fee and whatever ammo they need.

(Gunman Airsoft)

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