Airsoft GI: BB Wars | Episode V | Water Wars

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Tickets for Airsoft GI’s next instalment of the BB Wars are available now:

BB Wars | Episode V | Water Wars

After a winter offensive that left Imperial troops on the West coast cutoff from Imperial High Command, General Kim has decided that the best defense is a good offense. With that in mind Imperial troops are maneuvering to take over the only water filtration plant still operational in Southern California. General Kim plans to deprive Rebel Troops of their most basic necessity, water, and use it as a weapon to control the entire region. Rebel troops throughout Southwest have been put on high alert and are prepared to fight to the death to protect this facility.

Game Tickets NOW Available!

Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark
Cherokee Rd, Newberry Springs, CA 92365

Event Date:
March 19th 2016


(Airsoft GI)

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